About me

I was born on the beautiful island of Curacao, a small - still Dutch - island in the Caribbean. My mother used to sew a our clothes and would often have an embroidery project around.

I remember as a little girl that was always going through my mother's stack of fabrics (She always had boxes full of material), looking for nice pieces to add to my own projects. It was then that my fabric fettish began and I started collecting......

I moved to Holland for college and after finishing my bachelor in hotel administration I decided to go to law school. I was practicing law for quite a few years when my husband (yes, by then I got married and had two boys) was offered a position in Mumbai, India.

We had to think it over for this meant for me to become an expat wife for a couple of years, but we decided to take the plunge. When we were sorting out our stuff I realized that at that point in my life, I too had boxes and boxes of collected fabrics. I brought them all with me to India.

But I was not prepared for what India was to offer me. We lived in Mumbai for three years, and these years changed me forever. Never have I been in a place that you can feel alive and in the moment every second of the day. Not one day went by without experiencing deep emotions, good ones and bad ones.

I fell in love with Mumbai and even now that we are back in Holland I consider Mumbai as my home (one can have more then one home, clearly).

Here I was thinking that I had a fabric stock, but encountering the Indian silks and other great fabrics I went crazy. I was buying beautiful stuff with no particular project in mind. I was also making bags and pouches out of them and gifting them to friends.

I also decided to educate myself and started learning everything about silks, hand-loom fabrics, cottons and wool. There is no end to the beauty and the craftsmanship of  Indian fabrics!

Then a friend forced me to attend an arts and crafts exhibition with my bags. I have been making bags ever since. You can visit my shop here on Etsy, BagsbyTravelher:


But that did not fulfill my fabric craving. I noticed that customers loved my fabrics and even wanted to buy them from me. I saw an opportunity to collect even more beautiful silks and started this silk shop. I travel to India myself to find the great stuff, them I list them for you to see.

I get to take care of my fabrics until the find a new home, but till then they are mine and mine only!

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  1. Hi Monique,
    ik zou heel graag een keer je zijde komen bekijken. Is dat een mogelijkheid? Ik heb je via etsy al geprobeerd te contacteren maar heb nog geen reactie van je ontvangen..groetjes,