woensdag 2 oktober 2013

Think Pink ! October - Breast Cancer Awareness month

We know it is there, we can see it all around us. The celebrities reach the news,  but there are many more woman who deal with breast cancer or the fear of having breast cancer every single day.

The truth is that this particular kind if cancer is one of most "treatable" kinds, if you are diagnosed in time. The clue to all this, ladies, is that we have to be aware of our own body and notice changes in it. If the changes are there, and you are not relaxed about it, please do not tell yourselves that it is probably nothing and it will go away. If it is cancer it will not just go away. It never leaves by itself with other woman, why should you be an exception?

Let us inform ourselves well and when in doubt go for a check up.

Life is great and we owe it to ourselves and our families to take good care of ourselves (and outlive at least a few of them).

Pink ribbon raw silks India
Especially for the breast cancer awareness month I made a special listing of all shades of pink raw silk from India.

As I want to do my bit, the whole month of october this special listing will be available in my Etsy silk shop.

I pledge to donate $ 10,00 for every  set of pink silks I sell to Pink Ribbon (you will have to take my word for it, but I will keep track of the proceeds on my blog!!)

pink raw silk set $ 30,00

I leave you with a few useful links. Live life now!

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