dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

All silks are beautiful, but some silks are more beautiful than others

After each shopping trip I come home with one favorite.
One silk that is by far the most beautiful of all.
The silk that makes you forget all other silks.
The one silk that makes your whole trip worth while.
The one and only that makes your previous favorite silk seem like a dirty (and smelly) wash cloth.

This time this is the one, my new love:

Needless to say that it is by far the most expensive one and that I will probably end up not selling it at all, but that is ok. 

The silks are finally here!!!

Yes indeed!

After neglecting you for several months, we have to catch up. Since my last post I have travelled to India to hand pick new silks. This time I had a very special travel mate, my 8-year old son Maurits. He has been persisting for more then a year that he would like to come, but I was not convinced that he would enjoy the silk shopping part of the trip. I was reluctant because We could not afford spending all our time in malls and swimming pools.

But, honestly, I have to say that I was blown away by his patience, perseverance and good taste. And all this is apart from being excellent company! So this time we travelled together (plane, car, riksja), we ate together (coconut, biryani, palak paneer, pani puri, and more...), and we shopped together (silks, elephants and everything in between). For 10 full days we enjoyed and inhaled Mumbai to the fullest and yes, we did do malls and swimming pools too.

Today, after more then 2,5 months, our silks finally arrived. I needed the help of all the neighborhood kids (including my own)  to get all the silk inside. But they now have excellent crates to play in!

So stay tuned for new beauties to appear in my shop soon.......

(Pictures are a courtesy of Eric Fecken)