woensdag 7 september 2016

New shantung raw silks in stock!

It took me some time to take the pictures and get them on the net, but it is finally done. On my last trip I found the most amazing quality of shantung raw silks.hThe are 100 grams per meter, superb quality, the best!

I had to buy.

For all you silk virgins out there: Shantung raw silk are the shiny type of raw silk that shows the knotted pieces in the weave. This can be rough or more finely done, but it's there. This means that the silks treads used are not the long unsealed ones, but the ones that are in pieces. This happens when the silk worms, when they are done owning their job, are not boiled out, but are allowed to eat their way out of the cocoon. Some refer to this silk as "peace silk" because nothing is killed in the manufacturing process. The other characteristic of shantung silks is the radiant shine.

Now these silks are woven in many weight. A lighter silk is for example more appropriate for a garment that requires a lot of it, like a sari, or that needs a great flow The heavier kind (meaning more silk per meter), can be used for jackets, upholstery, patchwork or anything that needs to take more shape. For this they are excellent material for for example wedding gowns.

I managed to get 24 different colors. The look amazing together, but they look great in any combination.

Feast your eyes on this! See them on Etsy!